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10 Best Chinese Smartphones Of All Time.
Over the year’s Chinese smartphone brands have become very popular with brands like huawei,oppo and xiaomi releasing stunning devices with high performance and good camera’s.In 2020 we’ve seen the launching of hundred’s of smartphone but some Chinese brands smartphone have attracted a lot of attention with their stunning capabilities.Here’s a list of some smartphones which have ranked the best in 2020.
1.Huawei P30 Pro
This phones boast’s of a beautiful design,high quality display and breathtaking camera.The curved display makes look gorgeous.The phone is also water and dust resistant.It also integrates the reverse wireless charging feature which a lot of smartphone’s don’t really have.The main selling point of the smartphone though is the camera The phone has a stabilized 40 MP main camera, a 20 MP super wide angle camera and a time of flight sensor at the back. All these features combined make a very stunning device with the best camera.
2. Xiaomi Mi Note 10
The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 integrates both beauty and and high performance. The phone also is the first smartphone to integrate a 108 MP camera.It comes with a 6.47 inch AMOLED screen.This provides very high quality and clear display.The phone also uses a snapdragon 730G combined an Adreno 618 graphics processor. The phone also has quite a huge battery of 5260 mAh which supports fast charging.
3. Oppo Reno Z
The phone has a gorgeous design and is a real beauty to hold and use.It also packs high performance under the plastic body.It comes with an AMOLED display with a built in fingerprint scanner.The phone also has quite a dual camera setup which packs a 48 MP camera and a 5 MP camera. The battery is also quite enough at 4035 mAh supporting 20 W fast charging.
4. Oppo Reno 10X Zoom
It’s not a surprise that oppo is appearing more than once in the list but the Oppo Reno 10X Zoom deserves to be in the list.The design of the oppo reno 10x zoom is quite breathtaking as it features a 6.6 inch full display without any notch on it.The phone uses a pop up selfie camera.The phones packs a 48 MP main camera, 8 MP ultra wide lens and a 13 MP periscope lens for zooming. The phone has a 5X optical zoom and whooping 60X digital zoom.Now you know why its called the 10X zoom.
5.Nubian Red Mask 5G
This phone is a beast. It will most likely appeal to the gamer’s though.The phone runs on a snapdragon 865.This is quite a powerful processor and it’s make the phone very smooth when running tasks.The phone also features a 144 GHZ refresh rate. This is the first phone to integrate such a display on a smartphone.It also features very powerful and clear speakers for those game’s.The phone has a 6.65 inch AMOLED display. For the memory the phone is a beast with internal storage of 256 GB and 8 GB of RAM.The phone also uses a 4500 mAh battery with a 55 W fast charging. I told it was a beast.
6.One Plus 7 Pro
The one plus 7 pro is the one of the perfect phones in the market.It has a sleek design and also offers very high performance. It is also very durable and the device offers best value for money.The phone has a 6.7 inch fluid AMOLED display which also houses a very fast fingerprint sensor.The runs on a snapdragon 855. For the camera’s the phone has a 48 MP main camera,8 MP telephoto camera and a 16 MP ultra-wide camera.The phone uses a 4000 mAh battery with 30 W fast charging.
7. Oppo Reno Ace
This phone is also another beast.The phone offers high performance and a gorgeous design and built quality.The smartphone is also equipped with the fastest charging technology.The phone comes with an AMOLED display with a 90 GHZ refresh rate. This makes the phone really enjoyable to use.
The phone is also equipped with 48 MP main camera,13 MP telephoto camera, 8 MP ultra wide camera and dedicated 2 MP macro shooter.For the selfie camera the phone has a 16 MP sensor which produces very clear pictures with well saturated colors.The phone has a 4000 mAh battery with 65 W fast charging.
8. Huawei Mate 20 Pro
The huawei mate 20 pro is very good phone.The camera feature makes it stand out when it comes to the smartphone user’s eye.This phone is a beauty both outside and under the hood.The phone comes with a 6.39 inch OLED capacitive touchscreen. The phone has an internal storage of 128 GB and 8 GB RAM depending on the variant you decide to get. For the camera’s the phone has 40 MP wide camera, 8 MP telephoto camera with 2x zoom and a 20 MP ultra wide sensor at the back. The phone rock’s a 24 MP selfie camera at the front. For the battery the phone ships with a 4200 mAh battery with 40 W fast charging and is also equipped with reverse wireless charging.
9. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S
The phone features a near bezel-less display. This feature makes it look stunning when held in the hand.The phone has a really appealing design as seen from the picture above.The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Octa-Core processor under the hood coupled with the 256 GB of internal storage and 8 GB of RAM provide very smooth performance.For the camera, the phone has a 12 MP wide camera and a 12 telephoto sensor.For the battery it’s not quite impressive as it only has a 3400 mAh battery with 18 W fast charging and 7.5 W Qi wireless charging.
10. Xiaomi Poco F1
The poco F1 combines simple and sleek design with robust hardware capabilities.The phone comes with a 6.18 inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen.It uses a Qualcomm snapdragon 845 which is a powerful processor also found on other mega smartphones.For the storage it packs a whooping 256 GB of internal storage and 8 GB of RAM depending on the variant you decide to get. For the camera the phone comes with 12 MP main camera and a 5 MP depth sensor.The selfie camera is a 20 MP sensor.It also packs a 4000 mAh battery with 18 W fast charging.
All the above phones have amazing properties and some have mind blowing displays with amazing refresh rates. Although these phone’s are all great, there has to be a winner. For me it is the one plus 7 pro. Which phone do you think should win the best Chinese smartphone award?

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